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Lotza Studios
Οία Σαντορίνη

Καλωσήρθατε στο Lotza Studios Σαντορίνη

Τα καλύτερα πράγματα στη ζωή είναι απλά...
Νιώστε το παραδοσιακό ελληνικό πνεύμα μέσα σε αυτό το γοητευτικό μέρος.
Χαλαρώστε και απολαύστε την ομορφιά της ζωής στην Φοινικιά, ένα μικρό χωριουδάκι πολύ κοντά περπατώντας σε ένα από τα ομορφότερα χωριά της Σαντορίνης. Ακολουθήστε τα μονοπάτια της φύσης σε αυτό το υπέροχο νησί του Αιγαίου. Θα εκπλαγείτε ...
Τα Lotza στούντιος είναι το ιδανικό μέρος για αυτούς που θέλουν να ανανεώσουν τη διάθεσή τους.
Σχετικά με το Lotza Studios - Lotza Studios

Σχετικά με το Lotza Studios

Το αρχικό κτήριο του Lotza studios είναι άνω των 200 ετών και πρόσφατα ανακαινίστηκε, αν και έχουμε ανακαινιστεί το 2005, χωρίς να χάσουμε καμία γοητεία της παραδοσιακής αρχιτεκτονικής. Για τα στούντιο μας δημιουργήσαμε μια κοινόχρηστη μικρή πισίνα με τζακούζι.
Επίσης δημιουργήσαμε το 2017 εσωτερικές μίνι πισίνες για τα διαμερίσματα μας και το 2018 τρία ακόμη δωμάτια με ιδιωτικές εγκαταστάσεις νερού και ιδιωτικούς εξωτερικούς χώρους.

Όλα τα δωμάτια διαθέτουν μικρή κουζίνα, κλιματισμό (ψύξη / θέρμανση), πρόσβαση στο internet, τηλεόραση, σίδερο και στεγνωτήρα μαλλιών.

Διαμονή Οία Σαντορίνη

Άνετα παραδοσιακά διαμερίσματα και στούντιο
Was within easy walking distance to Oia and some lovely local restaurants. Unique stay in cave apartments. Pool was lovely & warm. Breakfast was delicious and served to us outside our room & by the pool. Staff were great especially Chris who was available always. Transport was organised to the port for us which was great. I don’t think we would have found it otherwise.
Great for a quiet weekend away. A bit far from Oia, but walking distance if you're brave enough to take the streets. I do want to note, however, that this is NOT affiliated with the Rick Steves-recommended Lotza Restaurant/traditional houses. Use his phone number for that!
Everything was amazing. Chris us the best host. The room, breakfast and environment will remain in our best memories forever. Thank you so much for your hospitality.
Nice village in Finika. Spacious and clean rooms.Nice jacuzzi. It iss not in Oia but walking distance.Chris was fantastic. Always around to assist.Good restaurants nearby.More like an apartment with in house daily cleaning.
The property was fantastic even better than the photos. The pool was nice and refreshing and the breakfast was top notch. The customer care by Christo was like a 5 star hotel.
I couldn't imagine there could be such a charming little place to stay on over-touristic (yet beautiful) Santorini. Lotza Studios consists of 5 big beautifully decorated studios in the middle of THE most charming, traditional & peaceful village of Santorini, Finikia (1km from Oia, really within walking distance). From your terrace you see the local life pass by, old men walking around on their donkeys (and not for tourist purposes!), children playing in the small cobbled streets. We stayed in one of the two studios on the lower level, wich I think were more private than the ones around the pool. The studios are really cosy and at a bargain price (60€/2p for the end of august) considering the incredible high rates for a decent room on Santorini. There's even a (small)…
Authentic, non-touristy and quiet place at a reasonable price (booked it on Agoda). As mentioned by previous reviewers, its a 20-30 minutes walk from Oia but there's a car park just a few minutes walk away from it. There's a nice restaurant called Santorini Mou Tavern near it; it's a pretty good place to wind down after a long day out and have dinner while enjoying some live traditional greek music.
Everything is good. The location is good which is just 10mins walk away from the main spots. There are several good restaurants around the accommodation and they are nice as well. For the breakfast, there are various kinds you can choose. The staffs are really helpful and polite. Overall it’s very enjoyable experience to me and my girlfriend.
Everything was perfect. The staff were awesome, facilities great, and quiet! Can't wait to come back!
We decided to revisit Santorini at a time with less tourists than in summer. We stayed 10 days in Lotza Studios away from the tumultuous world. From Finikia, the most typical village of Santorini, we could wether go to Oia by feet in 10 min or have a walk along the caldera between Oia and Fira or reach the beach of Paradaisos 1,5 km far from the village by a delighfull path in the vineyards. Christine payed attention to all our desires and gave us a lot of advise concerning activities, places and restaurants. She helped us understanding the way people from Santorini celebrate Easter and we participated with pleasure.